Fall 2024 Cohort

July 1, 2024
Registration Opens

Teachers can begin to register their teams of students in the ICS Portal to participate in the Fall 2024 cohort.

August 21, 2024
Informational Webinar

An open online event for all interested teachers, parents, and students to learn about the Fall 2024 Cohort of the Space Station Innovation Challenge, the requirements for students, and the curriculum and resources available. 

September 13, 2024
Hackathon Opening

The hackathon will bring student teams together to engage in a rapid and collaborative project development activity over a short period of time. The hackathon is optional and will be geared toward the Undergraduate Division, but High School teams may participate as well.

September 16, 2024
Hackathon Closing

After two days of brainstorming and developing project ideas the hackathon will close with presentations from each team.

October 27, 2024
Mid Challenge Checkpoint

Deadline to describe your team’s technological innovation, and submit a question for the SAB to address at the Q&A event.

October 30, 2024

Ask questions to our Science Advisory Board members about your team’s project.

November 10, 2024
Registration Closes

All teams must be registered in the ICS Portal by this date in order to be eligible for the SSIC.

November 17, 2024
Submissions Due

Deadline for submissions to be eligible for Best-in-Show Awards.

December 11, 2024
Closing Symposium

This closing awards ceremony will discuss Space Station technologies and announce the SSIC Best-in-Show Award Winners.

*Dates are subject to change. 

The timeline for the Spring 2025 cohort will be released in the Fall.