Challenge Overview

The Space Station Innovation Challenge (SSIC) offers a hands-on, project-based experience to high school and college students, blending STEM concepts with the excitement of space living and working. This competition challenges participants to devise and execute innovative solutions that improve the efficiency, sustainability, and dependability of future space station functions across three distinct categories: Space Station Operations, Research, and Commercial Applications in space.

Through the incorporation of space station operations, research developments, and commercial utilization within this innovative challenge, SSIC has curated a vibrant platform that advocates for comprehensive solutions, encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, and sparks ingenuity in tackling crucial space exploration and utilization dilemmas. The overarching objective is to motivate a diverse cohort of aspiring innovators to stretch the boundaries of what is achievable in space, ultimately yielding groundbreaking progress in ECLS technologies, scientific breakthroughs, and commercial prospects both in space and on Earth.

The Challenge is supplement by our SSIC Challenge Guide and Optional Resource Activities.

Challenge Guide

The SSIC Challenge Guide functions as a roadmap or reference tool that offers systematic guidance to individuals or teams engaging in the SSIC. Its primary aim is to assist teams in comprehending the Challenge Objectives by outlining the challenge’s scope, objectives, deliverables, and essential milestones, ensuring clarity among all participants regarding the goals and expected results.

Moreover, the challenge guide encompasses strategies for monitoring progress, tracking key performance indicators, and enforcing controls to guarantee that all team members adhere to a shared set of guidelines, thus maintaining project alignment and progression.

Optional Resources & Activities

The optional SSIC Activity Guide and its corresponding mission tasks foster creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capabilities by offering students engaging small-scale challenges and projects that prompt them to think creatively and devise original solutions. These activities are designed to stimulate teamwork, communication, and collaboration among students, facilitating the enhancement of their interpersonal skills and the cultivation of effective group work dynamics.

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