Learn, explore, and design the future of Space Station innovation.

The International Space Station National Laboratory is a research facility orbiting 250 miles above the Earth. This Challenge tasks high school and college students with pitching new technologies to enhance ISS capabilities.


Registration is open every Fall & Spring.

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Learn to develop the next giant leap in Space Stations.

The Space Station Innovation Challenge engages teams of high school and college students in creating innovative new space station capabilities. Not only is the ISS National Laboratory providing incredible research opportunities for scientists from all over the world, new space stations are already being developed for commercial, industrial, government, and educational use. The Space Station Innovation Challenge was developed by the Institute of Competition Sciences through a grant from the ISS National Laboratory. The Challenge provides students with resources covering the broad spectrum of technologies needed for space station operations and research. It guides teams through a process of discovering interesting use cases and technical requirements. It engages students in identifying, designing, and presenting their own future technologies that may one day be valuable additions to the next generation of orbital space stations. Register now to get started and compete for the pitch competition for a shot at the Best-in-Show Awards!

Best in Show Winners

Congratulations and thank you to all participants from our Spring 2024 cohort. Thank you, as well, to the expert judges who took the time to review submissions. A special shoutout to our Spring 2024 winners!


Naomi Haselhuhn
Sarah Daschbach
Paisley DeHan
Clara Aquillo
Ceroline Ryden

Toledo, OH


Srikanth Bhandari
Taran Bhandari
Nikhil Krishna
Nived Nandakumar
Rushil Kukreja

Alexandria, VA

EPIC Aerospace Four

Logan Farnham
Hunter Hegstrom
Lorenzo Castro

Littleton, CO

Bright Horizons

Shashank Kamal
Arnav Shukla

Frisco, TX


Spencer Green
Sean Sawyer
Emad Ibrahim
Roy Martinez

Lebanon, TN

New Horizons GSST Team 5

Evan Richards
Raymond Gao

Hampton, VA